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Used Machinery List

Please Note:
All Machines are Sold “As Is Where Is”.
Machine Pricing & Rigging Quotes on Request
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2007 Kodak Trendsetter 800 III Quantum Computer to Plate System

Kodak XPO TIFF Catcher, Dongle

Agfa Elantrix 125 DX Plate Processor


2000 Polar 115ED 45″  Paper Cutter           

Factory Computer, Color Display

Standard & Air Side, Photo Barrier    


2006 MZE Eurocutter 1016 Monitor AD 40″ Paper Cutter

Computer Flat Screen Color Display         

Double Arm Pull, Stainless Air Tables


1991 Polar 76 EM 30″ Paper Cutter 

Factory Program


1994 MBO B26C 26 x 40 Folder 

Continuous Feed 4/4/4        

Parallel, 8+16 Page Sections           

Mobile Delivery  

Batch Counter


1998 Muller Bravo T 380 Stitcher  (Machine #1)

Muller 0360.0402 3- Knife Trimmer  

Muller 1529. 0517 Cover feeder 

6 Muller 1555 Feeders   

Muller Apollo 1540 Counter Stacker

4th & 5th Knife Attachment


1998 Muller Bravo T 380 Stitcher (Machine #2)

1999 Muller 0360.0402 3-Knife Trimmer  

Muller 1529.0417 Cover Feeder   

6 Muller 1555 Feeders    

1999 Apollo 1540 Counter Stacker 

4th & 5th Knife Attachment


Muller Minuteman 1509 Stitcher (Machine #1)  

4 Muller 1533 Feeder      

Muller Model 1509 Stitcher   

Muller Model 1522 Trimmer      

Rima RS-12 Stacker E200 (38,750 total)   


Muller Minuteman 1509 Stitcher (Machine #2)    

4 Muller  1533 Feeder pockets

Muller Model 1522  Trimmer

Muller Model 1540 Apollo Counter Stacker


1 Muller Cover Feeder in storage condition unknown       


1995 Renz RSB 360 3/115 Wire-o Machine


Sickenger USP-13 Punch


Sickenger EP-1 Auto Punch


Spiel Sterling AB-36 Auto-binder  

Double Loop Wire  Binding Machine         


Sterling Coilmaster CM179 Spiral Bind Machine


1998 Baum 2020 3/3 Pile Floor Model Folder

Pile Feeder

Model 1320 8 page  


Baum 2020  Floor Model Folder

(parts machine)           


D&K Laminating Machine


1987 Challenge SCM Single Head Corner Rounding Machine


1990 Hang 3 Head Paper Drill    


Rosback Trueline 220 20″  Perf, Score, Slit      

Friction Feed   


2003 Scotty 5000 Index Tab Machine


Stahl B-30 4/4 Floor Model Folder

Continuous Feeder

8 Page

Stahl Conveyor delivery 


Stahl VSA 1 -66/M Stacker


Stahl VFZ 2-52 Mobile Knife folder       


New Era WW8 Whirlwind             

Automatic Tag Stringer       


Weldatron L-Sealer  & Shanklin T-7XL Heat Tunnel          


Shanklin T-7H Heat Tunnel (only)


Highlight Industries Freedom 6000 Stretch Wrapper         

Rotary Arm Style

Single Stand   

No turntable or ramp  needed


Sullair Model 2200 II Screw Compressor 



Gardener-Denver Compressor     

Electra Screw 60150 hours           


Clamco Rollbag 1075 Table-Top Poly Bag Machine

Model 96800020


3M Case Sealer

  Box Taping Machine


Horizontal Style Paper Scrap Baler

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